01. The view of the mountains from the plane was [obscured] by clouds.
02. The origin of the ritual is somewhat [obscure], and lost in time.
03. The song was written by an [obscure] blues singer in the 1920s, and didn't become a hit until the 1980s.
04. Politicians are often purposefully [obscure] in their statements.
05. The new house which has been built behind our property completely [obscures] our view of the ocean.
06. Cindy Crawford was taken from [obscurity], and thrown into the exciting world of fashion modeling after being discovered on a farm in the American Midwest.
07. His jokes are so [obscure] that no one understands them.
08. She wrote one mildly popular novel in the eighties and then quickly sank into [obscurity].
09. The typical politician, when questioned, gives answers which are so [obscure] that no once can be totally sure what was meant.
10. His theories are based on the writings of some [obscure] philosopher of the 1700s.
11. He has been studying the seabirds living among these [obscure] little islands off the north coast of Scotland.
12. She rose from total [obscurity] to become of our nation's greatest dancers.
13. Government communications are often so [obscurely] worded that it requires an expert to understand them.
14. The band had one hit, and then went from fame to total [obscurity] in a couple of years.
15. Gilbert Chesterton once observed that tradition means giving votes to the most [obscure] of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead.
16. Thomas Hardy once wrote, "Everybody is so talented nowadays that the only people I care to honor as deserving real distinction are those who remain in [obscurity]."
17. Vladimir Nabokov once said that existence is a series of footnotes to a vast, [obscure], unfinished masterpiece.
18. Traveler Isabelle Eberhardt once said that she is not afraid of death, but would not want to die in some [obscure] or pointless way.
19. Novelist Emily Bronte once said, "If I could, I would always work in silence and [obscurity], and let my efforts be known by their results."
20. James Feibleman once said that it is better to be famous than notorious, but better to be notorious than [obscure].

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